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please join and support [02 Sep 2005|07:03pm]

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Hey guys [03 Jun 2005|09:06pm]
There will be no new updates while I am out of town for the next 2 weeks. But when I get back both Aw damn, and There goes my hero will be updated.

Thanks and stay safe.
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[21 May 2005|11:25pm]
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~FYI~ [21 May 2005|10:56pm]
_a_d_i_a_p_ For the FIRST [[yes, original]] part of Aw damn, it's a +. Again, this is the place to find the original story. Aw damn 2 will be added later. Also, for those of you looking to read this story HERE, log out, then come back over here, WITHout logging in. And keep going back in the journal. ALL of Aw damn is marked public, along with There goes my hero. The REST of the fics here should not be in the way.

Thanks guys.
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[20 May 2005|07:14pm]
What you guys want an update of? Aw damn or There goes my hero?
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[22 Apr 2005|11:32am]
jo_el Has updated.

bonstantine Like American Idol slash? Go read and post!!

Aw damn and There goes my hero will both be updated shortly.
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remember this? [18 Apr 2005|11:19pm]
jo_el Check him out. He's alive again. Ask him to add you and he will.
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SEQUALS ANYONE? [22 Mar 2005|07:34pm]
Ok, listen up guys. If you could read any sequal to ANY of my fics, which TWO would they be?
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Second journal entry [07 Jul 2004|12:05pm]
jo_el Add him and he'll add you back.

[This is rated R for now]
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Journal entry one [04 Jul 2004|11:49pm]

Check it out. Leave a comment as if you were role playing. But please tell me what you think *here*.

It's going to be in story form. Just trust it. It's also going to be based on a song. All of that will be discovered soon. Give it a chance, you'll see.

*It's friends only, so please add him and he'll add you back. ;p [If you don't want to add him, since his entries will not be behind a cut, leave a comment here to be added to his friends list]
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*FYI* [16 Dec 2003|12:21am]
bumpkins_world- For basic random Aw damn, it's a + crap.
bumpkin_land- ROLE PLAYERS community! Go check it out! All of the role players are listed in the user info! Say hi to them!
leap_frog- "Joel and Benji's" baby journal!!!
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